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Dual height laboratory foot rests

Laboratory foot rests help prevent health problems such as RSI (repetitive strain injury), back pain and even blood clots. Unlike an office worker sitting at a desk, laboratory technicians typically sit at higher work stations or benches, and therefore need dedicated dual height foot rests.

Work Area’s laboratory high-level foot rests are perfect for working at a lab bench. With a solid steel construction and two-stage height adjustment, this dual height foot rest will keep your technicians comfortable and help prevent physical stresses and strains.

The laboratory foot rest is controlled by pressing the red button in the centre of the footplate. With a height range of 90mm (3.5”) to 130mm (5.1”), or 140mm (5.5”) to 310mm (12.5”), the lab foot rest is suitable for people of all heights.

Laboratory footrest

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Why use a laboratory high level foot rest?

If your technicians can’t sit comfortably at their bench, their health and work will suffer. A foot rest designed specifically for laboratory use is essential, particularly for staff who cannot rest their feet on the floor when their lab chair is set to a comfortable working height. These high level footrests are perfect for laboratory staff.

Using a dedicated laboratory foot rest will reduce the pressure on the back of the technician’s legs and support their feet. If your staff are spending long periods of time at their benches, their dual height lab foot rest can be adjusted and changed at the touch of a button, helping maintain a comfortable seating position.

Laboratory footrest

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