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Better safe than sorry

Take care.

With the festive season coming upon us at a rapid rate, we are all being urged to take a little more care and attention when securing our property. Sadly and unfortunately there are people who take advantage of this busy period, so here are a few reminders of some basics that might help us all to have a crime free Christmas:

  •  Never leave presents or any valuables on display in your car.
  •  When out shopping, never leave your bag unattended on trolleys or pushchairs.
  •  If you don’t have a bag, carry your purse/wallet in a front concealed pocket or hold it close to your body.
  •  Presents should not be kept under your Christmas tree or near any windows before Christmas morning.
  •  Use a timer switch on lamps / lights and even your television to make your house seem occupied when you are out.
  •  Always check and then double check your house is secure before leaving to go out or before going to bed.

Keep it safe.

It would appear that security is also moving up the agenda for many business establishments. The last month or so has seen an increase in enquiries for our range of lockers.
Our old friends at Butterflies Healthcare have recently expanded and moved to new premises and purchased a single column of 5 lockers for their staffs possessions. We have also had our first order for a secure laptop storage locker from local charity Banbury Young Homeless Project (BYHP).

Laptop storage locker.

The laptop storage locker has two unique features. Firstly it is made from high gauge steel giving extra strength and security. Secondly each compartment can contain a charging element. Together, it not only keeps your laptop, mobile or any ac/dc adaptor safe but charges them ready for future use at the same time.
The standard laptop storage lockers, are available with 5, 10 or 15 compartments, and comes with or without the charging facility. It is Ideal for offices, schools, hotels and leisure centres where the user wants to safely store items.

Cube locker.

Another product getting a lot of attention is the modular or cube locker. As the name suggests this is a small compact unit, measuring just 340mm high x 300mm deep x 300mm wide. They are sold as individual units and can be fixed together to form numerous configurations, they can even be used as a base for seating or work top supports, ideal for use in areas of small or limited available space, or for when a larger locker simply isn’t justified.


If its important to you, lock it away or risk losing it……

Storage advice for solvents and flammable liquids

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