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Flammable chemicals and solvents storage cabinets

The legislation governing flammable chemicals and solvents’ storage is strict. Like other hazardous material storage, it is controlled by CoSHH.

If you store solvents or other flammable chemicals, you must have dedicated fire-resistant storage bins or cupboards which comply with the legislation.

Word Area Ltd has a range of solvent and flammable liquid storage cabinets and bins, all of which are fully CoSHH compliant. You can see some of the range here, but if you need any advice on solvent storage or the management of your flammable chemicals, Work Area is only an email or a phone call (01295 982 008) away.

Fire-resistant cabinets and bins

For obvious reasons, all storage cabinets and bins for solvents and flammable liquids must be fire-resistant. The construction material must withstand fire for 30 minutes. Doors must fit tightly to prevent the ingress of flames, and hinges must have a high melting point.

The fire-resistant steel cabinets supplied by Work Area Ltd meet the stringent CoSHH requirements.

Flammable liquid storage bin SU11F

Maximum quantities for storage of flammable chemicals and solvents

The rules governing the amounts of flammable liquids you can store are stringent:

  • You must not store more than 50 litres of an extremely flammable liquid in any one cabinet or bin.
  • The same limit applies to flammable liquids with a flashpoint below the highest ambient temperature of the area around the cabinet bin.

Flammable liquid storage cabinet SU06F

  • You can use one cabinet or bin to store 250 litres of any flammable liquid with a flashpoint of up to 55° C.

Cabinet and bin security

Keep the doors and lids of your flammable liquids and solvent cabinets and bins closed and locked. They should only be opened to remove solvents or flammable liquids, or to place them in storage. The flammable liquid storage bin or cabinet should be closed and locked immediately after use.

Warning signs must be used on all bins and cabinets used for the storage of flammable liquids. The cabinets and bins you use for storing solvents and flammable liquids must have secure locks. For added security, you should also fix the cabinets and bins to the wall or floor.

Solvent and flammable liquids storage specifications

Storage cabinets

  • Manufactured in 20 gauge mild steel with welded seams
  • Reinforced non combustible doors, with high melting point hinges
  • Lockable ‘L’ handle with 2 point locking system (2 keys supplied)
  • Adjustable shelves act as a spillage tray for minor spills (adjustable in 25mm increments)
  • Non-removable internal spillage sump
  • Solvent and flammable liquids storage cabinets finished in yellow polyester powder coat with warning labels on doors.

Storage bins

  • Manufactured in 20 gauge mild steel with 18 gauge mild steel lids
  • Available in flat top or sloping top versions with lift up lids (with 50mm lip all round)
  • Fitted with hasp and staple (padlock not supplied)
  • 150mm deep, non-removable built-in spillage sump
  • Solvent and flammable liquids storage bins are finished in yellow epoxy polyester powder coating
  • Warning labels on lid and front

Fire kills. Don’t take risks with lives or property. Speak to Work Area Ltd about safety storage containers.

Phone 01295 982 008 now or send your flammable substances storage enquiry by email.

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