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Dual Height Laboratory Footrests

When people think about setting up the right position to sit in when at a laboratory bench, they mostly concern themselves with getting their chair adjusted correctly.

This focuses on the shoulders, back and neck.

Most laboratory benches are 900mm to 950mm high. A lot of people sitting at these benches will use the foot ring on the chair as a footrest. This may cause stiffness in the legs, and so to compensate for this, people then just let their legs dangle.

What is often overlooked is making sure your legs and feet are supported properly. Not supporting your feet and legs can lead to problems with circulation and other health issues.

That’s where having a proper ergonomic footrest comes in. Below are 5 reasons why you should consider having a footrest as part of your overall bench setup.

1. Using a footrest can release pressure on your legs therefore preventing blood clots related to deep vein thrombosis.

2. Footrests help relieve pressure on your lower back.

3. Footrests can help cut down on the discomfort and circulation problems that can crop up when sitting for long periods of time.

4. Footrests help maintain good posture while sitting at your desk.

5. They add comfort.

Laboratory footrests
Work Area’s dual height laboratory footrests are made of solid steel construction and have a two-stage height adjustment. The footrest is controlled by pressing a red button in the centre of the footplate. This can all be done from the comfort of your chair to be able to get it to the right height.

With a height range of 90mm (3.5”) to 130mm (5.1”), or 140mm (5.5”) to 310mm (12.5”), the lab foot rest is suitable for people of all heights.

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