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Lab chair for clean areasTalk about seating and workstations and the first thing that comes to mind is office workers. But it could be argued that seating is an even more important issue for people working in industry production or in laboratories.

The average office worker is less likely to be desk-bound than their industrial counterparts, having the freedom to leave their chair regularly for trips to the photocopier, central print areas or even the water cooler. However, people employed in production typically have to remain seated for longer periods of time, leaving their seats only for scheduled breaks.

Production lines often operate 24 hours a day on a shift system. This means seats must be easily adjusted to accommodate different workers and provide both adjustable lumbar support and a height adjustment facility.

Laboratory footrestIn addition, high seating or stools are needed for production environments which can be a additional cause of discomfort and strain. Ergonomic seats are essential to reduce pressure on the legs and help prevent circulation problems. It’s unlikely even the tallest members of the workforce will be able to sit on an industrial chair and still rest their feet comfortably on the floor. Although most industrial chairs have foot support rings, they do not offer the same levels of comfort and safety as an adjustable height footrest.

Safety is another important consideration when choosing industrial chairs. The user has to be able to mount and dismount from the seat easily. Glide bases might a better option than castors to prevent the chair rolling away as the user sits down.

Many industrial and lab chairs must be suitable for use in ‘clean’ areas. Washable seats are essential and for use in medical laboratories, antimicrobial coatings might be needed.

If you’re buying lab or industrial chairs, we recommend you select chairs with a long guarantee period and a high weight-rating. If you’re unsure what chairs are best suited to your needs, Neil Hancox, Work Area Ltd’s MD has a wealth of experience in industrial seating and will be happy to advise you.

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