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Storage of Flammable Liquids

The Dangerous Substances and Explosive Atmospheres Regulations 2002 requires that the risks from storage of dangerous substances be controlled by either elimination or by reducing the quantity of the substance stored in the workplace.

When these substances are not in use they must be stored in their containers in a suitable cabinet.

It is recommended that only 50 litres of extremely highly flammable substances and those substances with a flashpoint below the maximum ambient temperature of the workroom/working area be stored.

With substances with a higher flashpoint of up to 55°C no more than 250 litres should be stored.

Our Full Range of Dangerous Substance Storage Cabinets

Our range of stackable units are suitable for work areas with a limited floor space.

They are a multi substance cabinet which can store flammable, acid and liquid chemicals.

As they are stackable they only take up the space of one cabinet.

Our cabinets are finished in white polyester powder coat for acids, grey epoxy powder coat for CoSHH and yellow epoxy powder coat for flammables.

Click to view our full range of flammable liquid storage solutions or our range of chemical storage products suitable for storing dangerous substances.

flammable storage cabinet

Storage advice for solvents and flammable liquids

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