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A strange thing happened

In the previous blog we wrote about the employer looking after their workforce / colleagues. This brought back some memories of something that occurred earlier this year.

Friday 23rd March was the Banbury in Business summit. We attended this event and took along two of our best selling chairs – The AP3 and the AE3. To be honest we were the envy of other exhibitors, as they all had to endure the standard non too comfortable chairs for the day.

It was during this day that we met Michelle Sutton – owner of the award winning Butterflies Healthcare, located in Middleton Cheney just outside Banbury, Oxfordshire.

Michelle explained to us that they have some issues with their existing office seating, so we suggested that we would go to their premises and take a look and offer an opinion.
When we stepped through the door, we were greeted by two very happy ladies who were busy getting on with their job. The major part of their work seemed to be sitting at a desk with a computer and telephone. The first thing we noticed was that one of the lady’s couldn’t put her feet on the floor whilst sitting at her desk. When we suggested that she adjusts the height of her chair, she didn’t actually realise how to do it, so we carried out this simple task for her. Thinking our work was done, we bid our farewell. However, whilst this solved one issue, Michelle was still not happy with the existing seating as it was old and slightly uncomfortable. She was more concerned with wanting to improve the working environment for her colleagues.

What happened next ?

We decided that the best course of action was for Work Area Ltd to take a couple of different chairs for the staff to trial for a week or two, like we have previously written, one chair does not necessarily fit all, and this would give the 4 ladies that work at Butterflies Healthcare the opportunity to see which, if any, worked best for them.

Following the trial period, Michelle decided to buy one of each chair as that was best for the ladies. During this time we were also asked to re upholster some additional chairs that are for general purpose usage.

Another happy client !

This prompted Michelle to write the following recommendation for LinkedIn.

“I met Neil at the Banbury Business Summit and finally got to sit on one of his amazing office chairs which are the talk of the Banbury business network. Neil took the time to visit our office to see how the staff worked, showed them how to adjust their chairs and even left two different chairs for them to try for a week. I purchased two of his recommended chairs and he re-covered two more. Neil delivered them ready to use, with no need to assemble. Within days one staff member reported she no longer suffered from backache in the evening and they all benefited from Neil’s advice regarding posture and correct backrest/seat position when sitting at their desks.”
“The improvement in Julies back pain is amazing”

It is this kind of concern shown by the boss to their staff that needs to be taken on board by others. It is good to know that all staff at Butterflies Healthcare are now sitting a little more comfortably thanks to the willingness of their boss to act in the best interests of her employees.

After all a happy work force is a productive work force.

About Butterflies Healthcare.

Butterflies Healthcare core products include:

  • Vitamin and mineral supplements for macular eye health
  • Eye drops for the relief of dry feeling eyes and blepharitis treatments
  • Supplements to promote healthy joints
  • Cosmetics/skincare for sensitive skin and eyes
  • Optical / Prescription swimming goggles for adults and children, as well as diving masks

Over the years they have also expanded on this core range of products and now also supply:

  • Contact lens solutions
  • Natural cosmetics and skincare

Full information can be found at:

Storage advice for solvents and flammable liquids

Work Area Ltd is a member of the Federation of Small Businesses

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