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Testimonial – Feedback – TVS Supply Chain

“ I have known Neil personally for a few years since ours sons played football together but have only recently used Neil and Work Area Ltd professionally since joining my new employer.

Once I contacted Neil and told him what I was looking for he visited my work place and quite quickly was able to advise me which products was the best fit for our business. After the initial visit Neil then agreed to loan us a couple of his products to trial them and they were exactly what we were looking for.

I have since then ordered some lockers through Work Area and have received first class customer care from Neil and updates regularly of when I will receive my goods.

Not only does Work Area provide quality product at a very good price you get the personal touch from Neil who very much embraces the customer care attitude”

Best regards

Mr C. Tucker – Warehouse Manager


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Storage advice for solvents and flammable liquids

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