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Somewhere over at Rainbows..

Picture the scene.

It’s a dry, warm day in April, there I am along with my wife, son, and many others lining the streets of Banbury town centre in anticipation.
Suddenly, the band strikes up and here they come, Girl Guides, Brownies, and Rainbows, from all over town, all here to commemorate St.George’s Day.
The crowds of excited parents, grandparents, brothers and sisters clapping as the respective units pass by.
Then the moment I have been stood waiting for, around the corner comes the 1st Hardwick Rainbows Unit, all the girls holding hands in pairs, proudly marching up the High Street. My daughter, Charleigh, looking very serious as she gets closer to us, not wanting to break stride or to wave over to us and get distracted.
As splendid as they look as they pass by, I cannot help thinking that something is missing, then suddenly it dawns on me, they haven’t got a unit flag.
I decided I would like to help them out. So after speaking with the unit leader Mandy Skuce, she very kindly agreed to let me buy a flag and donate it to them.
Roll forward to September 8th and all the girls meet for the first time after their summer break, and courtesy of my company Work Area Ltd, the 1st Hardwick Rainbows finally have their own flag. All the girls were very excited when it was handed over, and they got to see it for the first time. As for me – well it was nice to be able to help and to give a little something back into the community.


Unit leader Mandy Skuce commented:

I would like to say a really big thank you to Neil and Work Area Ltd for the very kind donation of a unit flag.
I started the 1st Hardwick Rainbows unit as I knew demand was high for the few units we already had in Banbury. With my little girl about to turn 5, I couldn’t guarantee her getting into a unit near us, so I decided to open one.Within 4 months word had spread and we had a full unit of 14 girls and a waiting list with as many girls ready to join. 

That lovely sunny day back in April I felt really pleased and proud to be stood amongst hundreds of other guiding members with my rainbows unit. I had wanted to get a flag but with being a new unit money is tight, so when Neil asked about donating a flag I was delighted that his company would do for this for our unit. The girls are really pleased and are looking forward to our next parade.

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